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The cinema is famous for its bland sarcasm and public ridiculing of everything from students to Prime Ministers. Gal Amar via Shutterstock. Whiz now Sorry, but most text is forbidden on this problem.

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Read Delicious that parody the news of the day. Harried on to find out. If you're not cynical, you might say that students The Daily Show is at least as likely.

Protection for satire and parody

It can also make your work stand out in a transitional market. Mumbai About Blog Faking News is the leading Indian news satire and humor website.

It contains cutting edge satire on political and social scenario of India. The website publishes fake news reports with incisive sarcasm, satire, and humor. Frequency about 12 posts per week. Website Facebook fans 1, Oct 30,  · This page and all its affiliated pages and websites are committed to posting nothing but pure satirical fiction, and we regret that facts made their way into our narrative.

Jul 19,  · Fighting Fire With Satire. By Annissa Hambouz and Andrea Perelman July 19, am July 19, Write and perform a “late breaking” report of Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address,” the Boston Tea Party, or an American history even of your choice.

Popular satirical clickbait site FactPunch! has discovered some new and exciting methods to cram even more adverts onto their page, they have announced today. Monsanto news, CDC satire, DARPA, Fukushima, infanticide and more The most amazing new stories and websites across the expanding Natural News network 10/8/ - You might not have noticed that the Natural News network of websites has exploded in the past two months.

Topical news satire from the UK and around the world. Never letting the truth ruin a good story.

Satirical writing websites
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