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Five external hall forces affecting an organization. For a clear explanation of the organisation’s situation, the PESTEL, Porter’s 5 Forces, and SWOT analysis will be conducted. It will provide a better understanding of the state of the firm, with a consideration of internal and external factors.

SWOT Basics. SWOT is a basic assessment of your company's current position based on strengths and weaknesses, as well as a look at opportunities and potential threats as the company moves forward. The Porter’s Five Forces tool is a very powerful tool. It is simple but excellent for judging exactly where power lies.

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As it helps to understand not only the strength of current competitive position but also the strength of an expected position, it is very useful. PESTEL analysis and Porter's five forces model; By Fathi Salem Mohammed PESTEL analysis is a useful tool for.

understanding the “big picture” of the environment, in which you are operating, and the opportunities and threats that lie within it/5(8). A unique feature of Walt-retailing is that it is virtually recession proof because in times of economic recession, consumers flock discount.

The business environment affecting the clothing retail industry in the UK is made up of both the macro and micro environment. The macro environment is the most general layer of the business environment and consists of broad environmental factors that impact all organizations across all industries so firms use frameworks such as Pestel and Swot.

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