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The easiest to navigate. State Inmate Finder Additional Information A state inmate ends up in a state prison or penitentiary for a multitude of violations. Most notably are criminal offenses that are tried in a state court where a conviction is handed down and the inmate is sentenced to a state prison.

STATE OF CALIFORNIA NOTARIZED PERMISSION FOR A MINOR TO VISIT A PRISON INMATE Date: In accordance with the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 15, Section (d), minors are allowed to visit an inmate subject to.

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The Metropolitan Correctional Center, Chicago (MCC Chicago) is a United States federal prison in Chicago, Illinois, which holds male and female prisoners of all security levels prior to and during court proceedings in the Northern District of Illinois, as well as inmates serving brief sentences.

The IHSA Officials Department oversees the licensing and testing of Illinois high school officials. Officials are licensed in 16 different sports: baseball, basketball, football, boys gymnastics, girls gymnastics, boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, track and field, volleyball, water polo, wrestling, competitive cheerleading, and dance.

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